Using GoToTraining to Provide Career Support to Alumni

The Alumni Relations office runs an ongoing series of webinars conducted by La Salle alumni on career-related topics.  We previously used Wimba for webinars.  Our most recent webinar on June 3, Take Charge of Your Career,  was hosted by GoToTraining. This post reviews some of the differences between the two tools.

When we used Wimba, attendees registered through the alumni website. I had to create an Outlook distribution list to send emails about how to log in.  GoToTraining automatically sends these to everyone who registers.

In the past, I created a post-webinar survey with SurveyMonkey, emailed it out, and then manually collated results.  GoToTraining made this process so much easier.  I created the survey/evaluation in GoToTraining, which got sent automatically after the webinar with the follow-up email I had created.   The survey results are easily viewable as an Excel spreadsheet.

I also appreciate that participants don’t have to run a setup wizard (which they did with Wimba).  GoToTraining isn’t perfect, of course.  One alumnus couldn’t participate because he was trying to use a Microsoft Surface Pro 2.*  Another said she was unable to log in from her work computer.  However, we record and archive all our webinars, so those alumni will still be able to view/listen.

Are you interested in leveraging GoToTraining to communicate with your students? Contact the Instructional Design team to learn more.

*At the time of this post, the only mobile devices that work with GoToTraining are iOS devices.