Photo by Flickr user Alfred Hermida.
Photo by Flickr user Alfred Hermida.

This week, Turnitin is hosting a week of plagiarism education and awareness events. You can find the full list of events here: Plagiarism Education Week.

Two webinars that sound particularly interesting include:

Responses to Plagiarism
Wednesday, April 24 at 1pm
Description from In this webcast, author Lynn Lampert will provide useful tools to combat the copy/paste culture. Instructors of all levels will leave with effective plagiarism teaching tools, from lesson plans to rubrics.
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Originality and Creativity
Friday, April 26 at 1pm
Description from How do students define “originality” in their cultural moment–one that is always on, connected, and sharing (thanks to the web and mobile technology)? And, how do their interpretations differ from what educators consider original in the classroom context? Delving deeper, how do we go about teaching students how to be creative and to think critically when doing their own work? This webinar will explore these topics and share insights into how educators can encourage more creative, engaged, and original thought from their students.
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If are unfamiliar with Turnitin, it is an online plagiarism and grading tool that is integrated with La Salle’s Blackboard courses. It is available to all faculty and staff. You read more about using Turnitin from some of our previous posts:

If you do attend one of these webinars, let us know what you thought and any good tips you learned!

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