White Board Social Welfare Policy Timeline Activity

Editor’s Note: The following post is an assignment from the La Salle faculty training course Collaboration Online Plus. In this assignment, course participants are tasked with redesigning an face-to-face lesson for the online environment. Please show support to your fellow Lasallians by leaving your feedback on their ideas in the comments section below this post.

Purpose:  To get students thinking about how we came to be at this point in time by reviewing the history of social welfare policy development.  This is an activity that would take place at the very beginning of a course as an intro to the topic.

Student Guide: The White Board will be set up with a timeline that students can see.  This is a whole class participation effort.  The instructor will provide an event in social welfare policy history to the first student on the list in class.  That student will have the opportunity to decide where that event fits on the timeline.  Then, the rest of the class will have the chance to provide input on whether they agree or if they think the event should be moved.  The process will continue until each student has had the chance to participate.

Discussion Questions:

Are there any events on the timeline that you do not consider related to social welfare policy?

What event do you believe has the most significant historical meaning on the timeline and why?

Are you surprised by anything you learned through this activity?

What are you most interested in learning about in this course?

Sample timeline from an in-person class session