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The La Salle University Academic Resources Collaborative, better known as the ARC, is a relatively new four-part entity that seeks to bring best practices as well as resources to the La Salle community, specifically in support of teaching, learning, and student success. Providing an array of programs, activities, and services, the ARC lends itself to a better integrated network for academic engagement and support – for faculty and students alike.

 The four prongs that currently comprise the ARC are:

  • The Center for Academic Achievement (Suite 409, Lawrence Building and Suite 210, TruMark Financial Center [formerly Hayman Hall])
  • Academic Support Programs (Olney 210, 224, and 310)
  • Instructional Design (Suite 309, Lawrence Building)
  • The De La Salle Institute for Advanced Teaching and Learning

 Encompassed within the four prongs of the ARC are:

Academic Support Services for all students such as subject and writing tutoring, supplemental instruction, facilitated study groups, disability accommodation services, academic coaching, first-year advising, skill building workshops, and more;

Academic Support Programs, such as Summit and ADP, which provide holistic supports for low income, first-generation, and/or underprepared students;

Instructional Design Services for faculty members, which provide the tools, resources, and methodologies needed for effective, engaging, and relevant student learning experiences across all types of delivery formats including face-to-face, blended, and online;

The Explorer Connection and the Community-Based Learning program, which facilitate University-wide co-curricular activities such as Service Learning, Explorer Cafes, the Philly Phind, Cultural Passports, Community-Based Learning Fellows, and Professional Development Opportunities for Faculty, such as coffee circles, the summer institute, and new faculty orientation.

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