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Tara Carr-Lemke
Tara Carr-Lemke, M.A.
Director, The Explorer Connection & Service-Learning
Assistant Director, De La Salle Institute for Advanced Teaching & Learning

Tara Carr-Lemke is the Director of La Salle University’s co-curricular, interdisciplinary program, The Explorer Connection, and La Salle’s Service Learning Program. She also serves as the Assistant Director of the De La Salle Institute for Advanced Teaching and Learning. Her professional experience includes grassroots education and advocacy efforts in California, service learning immersion programming in Tijuana, México, and human rights work in Guatemala, El Salvador, and Colombia. Tara has served as the policy director for the SHARE Foundation, working on rights and development issues in Central America. She also served as Faculty Director of the Community and Human Services concentration at Esperanza College of Eastern University, where she taught, advised primarily first-generation college students, and supported adjunct faculty.  Tara holds a degree in English Literature from George Washington University and a Masters of Arts in International Relations from Johns Hopkins University.  She is a doctoral student in Public Affairs and Community Development at Rutgers University.