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Partial Listing of Past Cafes

Fall 2020 (virtual) Explorer Cafés

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What Does It Mean to Be Lasallian in the Midst of a Pandemic?
Dr. Jason Diaz, ISBT, and Dr. Christen Rexing, Public Health
August 26th
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What Happens If We Defund or Abolish the Police?
Dr. Caitlin Taylor, Sociology and Criminal Justice
September 2nd
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How Can I Contribute to Making History Now? The COVID-19 Archive Project: Chronicling La Salle’s Own Experiences of the Pandemic
Catherine Carey, Connelly Library Archives
September 9th
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Is this Really Normal? Pandemic Teaching is Not Online Teaching
Dr. Luisa Ossa, Global Languages, Literatures and Perspectives and Dr. Christen Rexing, Public Health
September 16th
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Responsibility and Resiliency in Challenging Times: How Can We Cope Together As A Lasallian Community?
Laura Cilia, Sexual Misconduct Advocate/Educator, Student Wellness Services
September 23rd
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How Should Governments Respond to the COVID-19 Economic Crisis?
Dr. Adam Pellillo, Economics
September 30th
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Serious Cartoons: Can Animation Help Us Talk About Difficult Things?
Professor Geoffrey Beatty and D’Art Students
October 7th
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Tweeting, Turnout, and Tone: How Might Media Coverage of Politics Shape the 2020 Election?
Dr. Kelly Daily, Communication
October 14th
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Is Implicit Bias Unhealthy?
SONHS Inter-Professional Education Committee
October 21st from 4:45-6:15pm
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Art and Activism: What is Art’s Role During Times of Crisis?
Dr. Mey-Yen Moriuchi, Art History, and Miranda Clark Binder, La Salle University Art Museum
October 28th
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Debriefing the Elections: What Are the Takeaways?
Dr. Miguel Glatzer, Political Science and Leadership & Global Understanding
November 4th
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What Do You Think of When You Hear the Words “Soup Kitchen?”
PHEED Philadelphia and Conor Webb, University Ministry, Service, and Support
November 11th
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Summer 2020 (virtual) Explorer Cafés

Can We Talk? Race, Racism and #GeorgeFloyd
Cherylyn Rush, Multicultural and International Center
Christian Camacho, ’21
Jack Drummond, Academic Discovery Program
Dr. Maureen O’Connell, Religion and Theology
Jaisy Omollo, ’18, Organizer, POWER
Dr. Candace Robertson-James, Public Health
Dr. Caitlin Taylor, Sociology and Criminal Justice
June 4th

An Epidemic of Racism: Unpacking the Intersection of Inequalities and COVID
Dr. Jason Diaz, ISBT and Dr. Christen Rexing, Public Health
June 24th

Spring 2020 Explorer Café

All cafés will be held from 3:30-4:30pm in the Holroyd Atrium unless otherwise noted.  Coffee, tea, fruit and sweets are available at events. See a calendar of the semester here.

Serious cartoons: Can animation help us talk about difficult things?
Geoffrey Beatty, Digital Arts
January 29th
Please note that we will start at 4pm today.

The environmental injustice of urban lead: Are we being poisoned in our own neighborhoods?
Florence Ling, Environmental Science
February 5th

Am I good enough? Dealing with Imposter Syndrome
Jacob Garwood, ‘20 & Emma Krall, ‘22, La Salle Honors Council
February 12th

Is food a right or a privilege? A discussion on hunger and food insecurity
La Salle University’s PHEED Philadelphia
February 19th

Fluent in 30 days? Merits and myths of rapid language acquisition applications
Victoria Ketz, Global Languages, Literatures and Perspectives & Bianca Abbate, ‘20
February 26th

Rebel saints: Can I get to heaven by breaking the rules?
Vincent Kling, Global Languages, Literatures and Perspectives
March 4th

Exploring Lasallian identity: What makes you Lasallian?
Betty Mulugeta ’20 & Jaime Longo, De La Salle Institute for Advanced Teaching and Learning
March 11th

Can the average American counter Russian interference in US elections?
Mark Thomas, Lecturer, Political Science and Global Languages, Literatures, and Perspectives
April 8th
Information for Zoom call shared with campus community

Looking out for #1 in a time of Coronavirus?
Jason Diaz, ISBT and Christen Rexing, Public Health
April 15th
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Fall 2019 Explorer Cafés

Why All the Hate?: White Supremacy, White Nationalism, & White Power
Craig Franson, English and Charles Gallagher, Sociology and Criminal Justice
September 4

College Admission Scandals: What Would a Just Admissions Policy Look Like?
Kathleen Bogle, Sociology and Criminal Justice
September 11

Are We Living in a Man’s World?
Emma Leonard Boyle, Political Science
September 18

Poetry and Business: An Oxymoron?
Karen Reardon and Bill Van Buskirk, Management and Leadership
September 25

How Do We Improve Interactions with Students on the Autism Spectrum?
Jason Diaz, Integrated Science Business and Technology (ISBT) and Zaire Whaley, ‘20
October 2

Making Ethical Decisions: Right Vs. Right?
Charles Fornaciari, Management and Leadership
October 9

What’s All the Fuss About? Exploring the 2019 Nobel Prize Contributions (Part 1)
Debrief of the Prizes in Chemistry, Physics and Literature
October 16
Join us for Part 2 to discuss the Physiology and Medicine, Peace, and Economics on October 17th at 3:30pm in Founders’ Hall 137

I’m Not Sick! I’m Young and Healthy! Why Start Planning for the End of Life Now? Let’s Start a Conversation….
Kristen Overbaugh and Mary Wilby, Nursing
October 23

Would I Be Hired if My Employer Found My Finsta?
Kayla Dunn, ‘20 and Tyller Moorer, ‘20 with Mark Lashley, Communication
October 30

Pop Up Café: What’s on Our Minds? Impeachment
Drs. Andrew Gooch and Nicholas Staffieri, Political Science
November 6

Spring 2019 Cafes

Locked out or locked in? The impacts of school shootings on the academic environment
Brandon Robbins-Cartagena, Mae Knight and Laura Roy, Education
January 30th

Coffee, Tea, and Mortality: How is the international Death Café movement changing how people think about the hereafter?
Janine Mariscotti and Adrienne Pollichemi, Social Work and Laura Cilia, Student Wellness Services
February 6th

Is it time to abolish ICE?
La Salle Young Democratic Socialists of America and Joe Volpe, Philosophy
February 13th

How does Lasallian higher education embrace religious and cultural diversity?
Experiences and association with Bethlehem University in Palestine and La Salle University
Laura Frank, Nutrition; Brother Ernest Miller, FSC, Office for Mission; William Price, Chemistry; Lyman Stebbins, History; and Brian Vazquez, Class of 2017
February 20th

When is it right to do wrong?
Jacob Garwood, Bianca Abbate and Br. Michael McGinniss, University Honors Program
February 27th

Should we fund fundamental science research?
Zeb Kramer, Chemistry and The La Salle Chymian Society
March 6th

Hungry for knowledge and dinner: How is academic success linked to basic needs?
Serita Reels, University Ministry, Service and Support and Karen McFadden, Academic Discovery Program
March 20th

I never thought about it that way: Ethical issues in the classroom
Kathy Lund Dean, Distinguished Professor of Leadership and Ethics, Professor of Management in Ethics and Management, and Faculty Associate in Community-Based Service and Learning and Career Development at Gustavus Adolphus College
La Salle University Visiting Scholar Spring 2019
March 27th

What does my DNA have to say about my identity?
Jason Diaz, Integrated Science, Business, and Technology
April 3rd

Gameful Education: Can we have meaningful learning in the classroom through game playing?
Carolyn Plump, Management and Leadership
April 10th

Should prostitution be legal or remain illegal? A discussion on human trafficking
La Salle University Freedom Project
April 17th

Fall 2018 Cafes

What Is the Appropriate Punishment for Sexual Assault?
Sara Shuman, Public Health and Caitlin Taylor, Sociology & Criminal Justice
September 12th

Why Do We Buy into Media’s Reporting on Celebrity Suicide?
Emily Brooks, Graduate Student, Psychology Department; Mark Lashley, Communication Department; Serita Reels, Suicide Prevention Staff; Kate Ward-Gaus, Wellness 
September 19th

The Origin and Evolution of Human Communication: If We Were Walking the Walk, Were We Talking the Talk?
James Mancinelli, Communication Sciences and Disorders
September 26th 

Do Unions Belong on University Campuses?
Young Democratic Socialists, La Salle University
October 3rd

Should Social Media Censor Pseudoscience?
Nancy Jones, Integrated Science, Business and Technology
October 10th

Pop-Up Café: How Do I Understand the Kavanaugh Hearings?
Katie Bogle, Sociology and Criminal Justice; Kelly Daily, Communication; Nicholas Staffieri, Political Science
October 17th

¿Cómo se dice…? Will Speaking Spanish Be Key to “Making It?”
Luisa Ossa and Hsiao-Ping Biehl, Global Languages, Literatures and Perspectives
October 24th 

How Can I Keep From Singing? Songs of Protest, Patriotism and Praise–Then and Now
Mina Choi, Campus Minister and Karen Reardon, Management and Leadership
October 31st

Elections 2018: Debrief
Andrew Gooch, Political Science
November 7th

The Most Trusted Profession? The Dark Side of Nursing
Zane Wolf, Nursing
November 14th

Spring 2018 Cafes

February 7
Is there a case for socialism in the U.S. today?
Daniel Parker, John Green, Thomas Hayes, La Salle Young Democratic Socialists of America

February 14
How do we disrupt white supremacy in educational thought and practice?
Brandon Robbins-Cartagena, Secondary Education and Communication, and Drs. Laura Roy and Kim Lewinski, Department of Education

February 21
Waste Not, Want Not? Food, hunger and sustainability
La Salle Explorers Advocating Nutrition (LEAN) students and Dr. Laura Frank, Nutrition

February 28
Are eating disorders emotional disorders?
Maggie Garin, LSU 2017, registered dietician at the Renfrew Center

March 7–CANCELED due to snow 
Making ethical decisions: Right vs. right?
Charles Fornaciari, Management and Leadership

March 21–POSTPONED to April 18th due to snow
What Oprah Said: Hollywood’s #TimesUp campaign and media diversity
Mark Lashley, Communication

March 28
How is “science” used to manipulate and deceive?
Michael Prushan, Chemistry

April 4
It’s None of My Business…Or Is It? Human trafficking

Mary Wilby, Nursing and Sara Schouten, Nursing, Class of 2019

April 11
Working Toward Justice: How can volunteering be wrong?

Sean Hutchinson, Assistant Director for Civic Engagement

Fall 2017 Cafes

September 13
From Seatbelts to the Soda Tax: Should the government intervene?
Adam Pellillo, Economics and Sara Shuman, Public Health

September 20
Lasallian Bystander: An oxymoron?
Laura Cilia, Title IX Advocate and Educator and Katie Minese, Counseling Center

September 27
Hunger on Campus: Are students getting the food they need?
Laura Frank, Nutrition

October 4
What are the consequences of consumption?
Meghan Pierce, Marketing

October 11
The Opioid Crisis: Are we asking the right questions?
Candace Robertson-James, Public Health

October 18
Addressing the Political Divide: Can we talk?
James Smither, Management and Leadership and La Salle Undergraduate Students

October 25
Check Your Bias at the Door: How do we become more conscious consumers of news?
Kelly Daily, Communication

November 1
Is Cold War II inevitable?
Mark Thomas, Central European Studies

November 8
Sustainability: When will the world change as we know it?
James Church, Biology and Sheldon Zink, Sociology and Criminal Justice

November 15
Say What? Communicating across gender lines
Caribbean Student Association

November 29
A Discussion on HIV/AIDS and Society: Are we confronting the stigma?
Paul Rotzal, Chemistry ‘19 and Joanna Szyszkiewicz, Nursing ‘18, AIDS Outreach

Spring 2017 Cafes

February 1
How Have Black Lives Mattered at La Salle, Then and Now?
Rebecca Goldman, Connelly Library; Maureen O’Connell, Religion; and African American Student League Leadership

February 8
Tomb Raiders: Who’s to blame?
Art History Faculty and Students

February 15
Dealing with Difficult Conversations
Marianne Dainton, Communication

February 22
Do This “Small Thing:” A conversation on social justice and race
Karen Reardon, Management and Leadership
TiRease Holmes, Community Development
Students from the 2017 MLK Oratory and Spoken Word Competition

March 1
Is There A Use for Vaccines in a Post-Disease World?
Brian DeHaven, Biology

March 15
Dude, Where’s My Code? Ethics of open source development
Anthony Kelly, Class of 2017
Peggy McCoey, Mathematics and Computer Science

March 22
To Buy or Not to Buy? Controversies in consumption
Meghan Pierce, Marketing

March 29
Existing Together: What Does It Mean to Be an LGBT Alliance on a Catholic Campus?
Christina Everett and Paul Fitzpatrick, The Alliance; Jack Downey, Religion; Vincent Kling, Foreign Languages and Literatures; and Julie Regan, Religion

April 5
Exploring Social Justice: Its what, where and how
Baba Jallow, History

April 12
Swiping Left and Dating Right: Is social media good for my love life?
Laura Cilia, University Ministry and Service and Cherylyn Rush, Student Life

Fall 2016 Cafes

September 14
Which Classes Matter Most? Should education prepare for more than professions?  
Jack Downey, Religion

September 21
Hidden in Plain Sight: Why is our history so hard to see?
Catherine Holochwost, Fine Arts and Art History and Alex Palma, Graduate Student in History

September 28
Dude, Is That Your Work Or Mine? 
Anthony Kelly, Class of 2017 and Peggy McCoey, Mathematics and Computer Science 

October 5
Welcome to College: Now, forget everything you know
Janet Fierson, Mathematics and Computer Science and MarySheila McDonald, School of Business

October 12
How Does the City Landscape Affect Individual Agency?
Whitney Howell, Philosophy

October 19
You Can’t Always Get What You Want: Who deserves to be healthy?
Denise Bailey and Jeannine Uribe, Nursing

October 26
Expanding the Debate: How can social justice and Lasallian priorities influence the electoral process?
Rosemary Barbara, Social Work and Brother Ernest Miller, Vice President for Mission

November 2
Do Moral Organizations Exist?
Charles Fornaciari, Management and Leadership

November 9
Post-Election Reflection: Where do we go from here?
Michael Boyle and Miguel Glatzer, Political Science

November 16
What Are the Ramifications of Politically Incorrect Speech?
Marjorie Allen, Integrative Studies

Spring 2016 Cafes

February 3
Introducing the Student Anthology on Race: Contemporary student writings on race
Jaime Longo, Academic Support Services; Karen Reardon, Leadership and Management; and Megan Schoen, English

February 10
Addressing Yik-Yak and Its Ilk: Whose role is it?
Charles Gallagher, Sociology and Criminal Justice and Cherylyn Rush, Student Life

February 17
From Adam and Eve to the Klingons: What’s the point of invented languages?
Vincent Kling, Foreign Languages and Literatures and Paul Fitzpatrick, Class of 2018

February 24
Does social media fuel eating disorders?
Trish Lieberman, Class of 2007, MS, RD, LDN

March 2
Teen Sexting: What should be done about it?
Kathleen Bogle, Sociology and Criminal Justice

March 16
What’s so essential about the Essential Question?
Marjorie Allen, Integrative Studies

March 30
What is evil? Does it exist?
Philosophy Students

April 6
Living the Lasallian heritage: Reflections on the power of relationships on campus
Charles Booth and Erin Galuchie, Class of 2017; Baba Jallow, History; and Ernest J. Miller, FSC, Vice President for Mission

April 13
Sports Analytics: is math the new MVP or an unwanted addition to the team?
Janet Fierson, Math and Computer Science

Fall 2015 Cafes

September 16
What Would You Do? The bystander dilemma: Weighing action against silence
Lane Neubauer, Counseling and Health Services; Kathleen Minese, Alcohol and Other Drug Education Center; and Will Toffling, Community Development

September 23
No Café! International Mayors’ Forum on campus

September 30
Feeding, Nourishing and Medicating an Exploding Population: An argument for genetic modification
William Price, Chemistry

October 7
Debriefing Pope Francis’ Visit: What did he say, anyway?
Ernest J. Miller, F.S.C., Vice President for Mission

October 14
Can Mindfulness Change Our Minds? Exploring a Buddhist approach to addressing bias
Julie Regan, Religion

October 21
Medication Errors: Who’s paying attention?
Zane Wolf, Nursing

October 28
More than Fried Rice and Plantains: Chinese populations in Latin America?
Luisa Ossa and Hsiao-Ping Biehl, Foreign Languages and Literatures

November 4
Shaming, Bullying, Career-Ruining: How does social media affect personal reputations (including yours)?
Mark Lashley, Communication

November 11
What Does White Supremacy Look Like Today?
Jacob Bennett, English

Spring 2015 Cafes

January 28
Blurred Lines? Politics of rape on campus
Holly Harner, Public Health and Lane Neubauer, Counseling and Health Services

February 4th
Is science used to manipulate and deceive?
Michael Prushan, Chemistry

February 14
Loss and Grief on Campus: How do students cope?
Janine Mariscotti, Social Work; Laura Cilia, UMAS; Brendan Young, alumnus; and Megan Hylan, ‘16

February 18
Good, Bad or Indifferent? What do Philadelphians think about our 500,000+ immigrant neighbors?
Charles Gallagher, Sociology and Criminal Justice

February 25
Food Addiction: What’s fact, what’s fiction?
Mary Lou Gies and Christina Harkins, Nursing; and Edie Goldbacher, Psychology

March 11
Plots or Lots: Can urban gardens be as beneficial to the community as new businesses?
Student leaders from the Environmental Community of Olney (ECO)

March 18
Life after 20th and Olney: In all of my actions, am I La Salle?
La Salle Alumni

March 25
Art and Community: Do artists and museums have a social responsibility?
Mey-Yen Moriuchi, Fine Arts Department and Miranda Clark-Binder, La Salle Museum

April 1
Scientific Research: How do we balance cost with value? 
Adam Marsh, University of Delaware

April 8
Closing the Achievement Gap: Are the Common Core Standards the answer?
Donna Celano, Communication and Michele Fowler, Education

April 5
Healthcare Services and Profits: Conflict of interest?
Jennifer Sipe, Nursing and Carolyn Plump, Management and Leadership

Fall 2014 Cafes

September 10
Is college worth it?
David Falcone, Psychology and Joseph Volpe, Philosophy

September 17
Sexual Ethics on Campus: Who’s got the power to consent?
Donna Fiedler, Social Work and Vincent Kling, Foreign Languages and Literature

September 24
Trying and Failing: What do artists know about innovation and the global economy?
Catherine Holochwost, Fine Arts

October 1
Is there anybody out there? Faculty and student perceptions of distance learning
Gregory Roth and Charles Jacob, Psychology

October 8
Prescription Drugs and Heroin: What’s new about this crisis?
Kate Ward-Gauss, Alcohol and Other Drug Education and Diane Wieland, Nursing

October 15
Is money “speech?”
Michael Boyle and Miguel Glatzer, Political Science

October 29
Who says my Halloween costume is offensive?
MarySheila McDonald, Esq., School of Business and Business Law Students

November 5
What is sustainability?
Elaine Feldman, Center for Entrepreneurship

November 12
I know my HIV status, but do you know yours?
Jillian Baker and Zupenda Davis, Public Health

November 19
Should we love or hate Big Data? The good, the bad and the ugly
Dennis Crossen, Karti Puranam and Madjid Tavana, Business Analytics

Spring 2014 Cafes

January 29
Are we colorblind? Perceiving race on campus
Charles Gallagher, Sociology and Criminal Justice and Maureen O’Connell, Religion

February 5
Is it possible to use science to understand our ethical decision-making?
Randy Fingerhut, Psychology

February 12
Alone with my IPhone: Has technology changed my personal interactions?
John Caputo, Academic Computing and David Sullivan, Information Technology

February 19
Why Haiti? An emerging Lasallian partnership
Frances Kinder and Mary Wilby, Nursing

February 26
What is healthy competition? Peer comparisons of looks, brains and popularity
Katie Dunleavy, Communication

March 12
What does it mean to be Lasallian?
Kathleen Czekanski, School of Nursing and Health Sciences; Susan Dixon, Fine Arts; and Joel Garver, Philosophy

March 19
Plenty of poverty in our own backyard: Why leave home to serve?
Molly Fay, Jillian Lucanie, Alex Stinger, and Alex Toruno, UMAS Student Leaders; and Laura Gambrel, Psychology

March 26
Workplace Integrity: How do you speak your mind when you know what’s right?
Lynn Miller and Karen Reardon, Management and Leadership

April 2
Is science the enemy? Turf wars in the School of Arts OR Sciences
William Weaver, Integrated Science, Business, and Technology

April 9
What will your funeral look like? Cultural customs, rituals and beliefs in death and funeral tradition
Melinda Ingersoll, Study Abroad and Jack Downey, Religion

April 16
Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream Party
William Price and Michael Prushan, Chemistry

April 29
Evaluating Casual Claims
Rebecca Efroymson, Holroyd Award Winner, Scientist at Oak Ridge National Laboratory and La Salle Alumna