Using a WolfVision Document Camera

This article focuses on the use of a WolfVision document camera found in some rooms on campus.

Setting Up The Document Camera

The document camera will be located on the instructor’s podium, or in a podium drawer.  The drawer is not locked; just slide it open to use the camera.

To setup up the camera, extend the arm and point the camera down.  The extension arm is spring loaded; it’s best to firmly hold the arm while extending.

Select the Doc Cam input button on the classroom controller.    This will power on the document camera in some rooms.  If it doesn’t, push the Power button on the base of the unit.  You can also turn the camera light on and off with the Light button.  Toggling the light is useful if you are displaying a reflective item (such as a tablet computer) and need to minimize glare.

Document Camera Uses

The document camera can be used to display any object you want to project onto the classroom screen.  This lets you show excerpts from books, three dimensional objects, small experiments, or tablet computers (such as an iPad).

Vs. the Whiteboard

You can also use the document camera with pen and paper,  instead of the whiteboard, to illustrate concepts or solve equations.   This can give you a finer level of detail than is possible with a dry erase marker, especially when combined with the zoom control.

Zoom Control

The document camera has a zoom control that can be used as in impromptu microscope of sorts.   You can get a very close view of object textures or complexities.   Possible applications include the analysis of brush strokes or artistic techniques, and inspection of scientific samples or technical components like circuit boards.  You can also use the document camera to demonstrate small experiments, if your classroom is not equipped with a dome camera (some Holroyd classrooms have ceiling mounted cameras for the display of experiments).

To use the zoom control, rotate the control wheel.

Turning Off The Document Camera

Press the Power button to turn the camera off.  If the unit is housed in a drawer, please collapse the camera arm and close the drawer.   If the unit is on top of the podium, please collapse the arm.  Collapsing the arm protects the camera from damage.  To collapse the arm, pull on the fold point ring while pushing down on the camera head.


For assistance with a document camera, of any other piece of classroom technology, please contact the Helpdesk at x1860 or