Using the All-In-One Touchscreen Computer

The All-In-One classroom computer system includes USB ports, a widescreen monitor, a touchscreen, a DVD player, and a camera.

Click on the tabs below to learn about using each feature. If you have additional questions about the All-In-One systems or any of the classroom technology, contact the Helpdesk.

[wptab name=’USB Ports’]

The USB ports are located on the left side of the monitor.

USB Port


[wptab name=’Widescreen’]

The monitor and projection screen are both widescreen. If you use PowerPoint, you may want to use the 16×10 layout size for your slides to make the best use of the screen. The images below show you how to change the layout size in PowerPoint 2010 and PowerPoint 2013. New presentations created in PowerPoint 2013 are widescreen by default.

How to change the slide display size to 16x10 in PowerPoint 2010.
How to change the slide display size to 16×10 in PowerPoint 2010.
How to change the slide display size to widescreen in PowerPoint 2013.
How to change the slide display size to widescreen in PowerPoint 2013.


[wptab name=’Touchscreen’]

Touchscreen monitors allow you to use your finger to move, open, and close applications. Just place your finger on the start menu or any open window to begin using your finger just as you would use a mouse. Of course, you can still use the mouse if you prefer!

Annotating PowerPoint Slides with Touchscreen Monitors
Perhaps the most useful feature of touchscreen monitors is the ability to draw on and annotate your PowerPoint slides with just your finger.

Drawing menu in PowerPoint 2013 slideshow mode
Drawing menu in PowerPoint 2013 slideshow mode

To start drawing in PowerPoint 2013, click on the pen menu at bottom left of the screen while in slideshow mode (shown in the image to the right). Select either the Pen or Highlighter tool from the menu and select which color you would like to use.

Now you can begin drawing and marking up your slide. You can use the left and right keys on your keyboard to advance your slides while in Pen or Highlighter mode.

When you are ready to switch back to the cursor arrow, return to the pen menu and click to deselect the Pen or Highlighter tool. You should now see the cursor arrow on the screen.

When you exit slideshow mode, you will be asked if you want to keep or discard your annotations on your slides. If you do keep your annotations, you might want to save a new copy of the presentation to keep your annotation version separate from your original slide deck.


[wptab name=’DVD Player’]
DVD PlayerThe DVD player is located on the right side of the monitor. Click on the button on the outside of the drive to open and close it.

Once you insert the DVD, the control menu for the DVD player will load automatically. Use these controls to play, pause, and choose from among the DVD menu options.

You can find the speaker volume settings for the room on the black controller box.



[wptab name=’Camera’]

cameraThe camera is located at the top of the monitor. When using the camera, just make sure that the lens is exposed by sliding the plastic cap over to the right.