page with block of text flagged in redWe’re excited to announce that La Salle has begun using VeriCite with Canvas to scan student submissions and check submitted work against online sources.

This change will benefit instructors in multiple ways:

  • The assignment creation process for VeriCite is incredibly simple – enable it with one click.
  • VeriCite originality reports will be created almost immediately, as opposed to other plagiarism detection services that can take much longer.
  • VeriCite is fully integrated with Canvas, meaning that you never have to go to another site to view originality reports.

Enable vericite in assignment creationTo enable VeriCite to scan submissions, simply select the Enable VeriCite Submissions option when creating an assignment (see screenshot).

And for info on how to read the reports, customize the settings, and more, check out the user guide from VeriCite.

We hope that this will be a positive change that benefits both instructors and students alike. If you need assistance with using VeriCite, please visit this module on our Faculty Guide to Canvas, or, as always, feel free to contact the ID Team