Autumn LeavesAs you start to work on your fall courses, you might find yourself on Canvas saying something like, “Now, how do I do that thing I did at the start of last semester?”

So we here at the Instructional Design Team wanted to provide three quick notes about setting up your courses in Canvas. Two are commonly used – but easy to forget – features of Canvas. The third is a slight change that you might notice – or might not affect you at all.

1. Import Your Previous Courses

If you’ve already taught a course using Canvas and you’re teaching it again, there’s no need start from scratch. Here’s how to import your previous course.

2. Upload Your Syllabus

Canvas has a special section set up just for your syllabus. This is so students can easily reference it throughout the course. Here’s how you upload it.

3. Use VeriCite (Not Turnitin)

La Salle is now partnered with VeriCite for all plagiarism detection services. It’s super simple to use – here’s a walkthrough.

If you have any questions about anything, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at or check out the Faculty Guide to Canvas. Good luck!