Student Watching Online VideoLong, dry, unfocused lectures are a recipe for student disengagement. Follow these best practices to make videos students will watch and learn from:

Do’s Don’ts
 Make sure audio is working and volume is up. Audio is more important than the visual for learning.  Exceed the 10 min mark.
 Watch and evaluate your own videos including closed captioning.  Combine multiple topics into one video.
 Be concise and focus on instructional objectives.  Skip around. Instead, follow an outline.
 Use personal stories and examples.  Mention specific dates or other time-based information (so you can use the videos for future classes).
 Try to increase interactivity as much as possible.  Only use text. Add visuals as much as possible.

For more tips and tricks, visit our tutorial on Creating Videos for your Students which includes directions for Creating Screencasts & Uploading them to YouTube.

Also, there is a lecture capture studio available to faculty members in Founders’ Hall, Room 640 with everything you need to get started to create your recordings. You can reserve this room in EMS by following these instructions.