As online programs have steadily grown throughout higher education, so has the need for solutions to cheating in online courses. Today’s online students are under intense pressure to perform in their courses while managing full-time jobs and/or families. Because of a lack of time management or work ethic, there will always be students that find it easier to cheat. Whether sharing screenshots of test questions, having other people take an exam for them or finding answers online, they will find a way. Faculty can make cheating more difficult through time constraints and anti-plagiarism tools but many times, it isn’t enough. La Salle University has added another solution to our toolbox.

Examity is a leading proctoring solution for learning validation. By adding Examity to your online/hybrid course or using it for online exams in your face-to-face course, you are ensuring a secure experience where learners who play by the rules are honored for their work.

Examity’s uses algorithms to detect potential violations at every level of service. Any abnormal behavior is captured via screenshots, audio files, and video. There are several categories of proctor services that are offered to all La Salle instructors. At this point, the price falls on the student, but considering the cost savings in taking an online course, it is minimal. And so far, students that have taken proctored exams have not complained.

Online exams are taken at a computer that has an internal or external camera. Students register and schedule exams from a link supplied in their Canvas course no later than 24 hours before the exam. Before the exam starts, the student has an auto or live authentication depending on the level of service requested by faculty. Three Levels of service are offered at different price brackets, automatic proctoring, record and review proctoring and live proctoring. All videos are stored in a certified data center server in line with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) guidelines and best practices. Faculty have a personal dashboard where they can set upexams and review reports from multiple courses. Exams can be added, deleted or deactivated in the dashboard as well as customized with added rules for students. At every level, student behavior is recorded and reviewed by the Examity audit team and flagged for faculty notification if there is suspicious behavior.

If you are interested in using Examity for your online exams, email the for assistance. More details can be found in our Training
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