What is Title IV?

Title IV financial aid is federal funded aid that includes Pell grants, Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grants, Perkins loans, and subsidized and unsubsidized direct loans. Over 90% of NNU students receive some form of Title IV aid. Distance or online education has specific regulations to be eligible for Title IV aid. For an online course, compliance requires two elements:

  • Online courses must have instructor-initiated, regular and substantive interaction with students.
  • Institutions must record the last date of attendance for students who drop, withdrawal, or fail an online course.

In 2006, Congress distinguished distance education from correspondence courses based on the types of media used and the requirement for regular and substantive interaction between students and the instructor. There are substantial limitations on correspondence courses, including: Limitations on cost of attendance components. Limitation to half-time enrollment for Pell Grant purposes; and Loss of institutional eligibility if percentage of correspondence students or courses exceeds 50% of total courses or regular students, respectively

Distance education is not subject to any of these limitations.

Required Course Elements In Online Courses

The regulations published September 2, 2020 sought to provide additional clarity regarding this definition and how distance education was to be treated with respect to several Title IV concepts, including: