What is Canvas?

Canvas is the Learning Management System (LMS) used for all classes at La Salle University. By design, Canvas is a flexible tool that supports learning in face-to-face, hybrid, and online courses. It allows instructors to communicate and collaborate with students and provides a place to post course content, manage
activities, and provide feedback to students. Canvas is the University-supported tool for integrating multimedia course content, course communication, student assessments (quizzes, assignments, surveys, portfolios), and student grades to create cohesive, connected virtual spaces for classes here at La Salle. Canvas features a robust content editor, discussion boards, video, audio, and many other capabilities to help faculty easily connect with students and colleagues.

All La Salle instructors that are new to teaching online are encouraged to register with the ID Team to complete our training course called Teaching Online With La Salle. For faculty that need general support in using Canvas for online, hybrid, or face-to-face courses, see the list of modules in our Faculty Guide for resources on the essential features of Canvas or search the how-to guides available in the wider Canvas community. Students that need support in Canvas can go to the Student Guide and Resources.

Logging in to Canvas

A screenshot of the link to Canvas in the my.lasalle.edu portal tools menu.
A screenshot of the link to Canvas in the my.lasalle.edu portal tools menu.

To login to Canvas, go to my.lasalle.edu and enter your username and password for the La Salle University portal. From the Tools menu in the upper right corner, select Canvas from the drop-down menu. This link will take you to your Canvas dashboard which will show all of the courses that you are enrolled in.