Carolyn Plump, J. D.

carolyn-plumpCarolyn Plump, J.D.

Assistant Professor

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Carolyn Plump obtained her undergraduate degree in Political Science from Duke University and her law degree from Boston University Law School. Before joining the faculty at La Salle University, she worked in private practice as a labor and employment attorney at several international and regional law firms. She also served in two government positions during her legal career. She worked as an Assistant District Attorney in the Orange County District Attorney’s Office (California) and as an Assistant Chief Counsel at the Office of Chief Counsel for Employment in the United States Senate (Washington, DC).

Areas of Expertise

  • Labor and Employment Law
  • Commercial Business Litigation
  • Corporate and Government Compliance Issues
  • Contracts


  • B.A., Duke University
  • J.D., Boston University School of Law


  • MBA 901: Competing in a Global Market
  • LAW 300: Approach to Contracts
  • BUS 303: Legal Environment of Business
  • HON 368: Social Movements and Social Media


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